"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another blessed day...

So I thought I'd start out with a few thoughts as a mom....

-I got interrupted at least 10 times while blow drying/straightening my hair the other day. And it normally takes me less than 10 minutes
-I caught Avery sucking on a ball point pen...yes the lid was off

(While I was pulling clothes from the drying, Aksil found a super cool new toy in the laundry room!)

-Aksil tasted the stroller wheels and the bottle of slime tube sealant
-I've repaired three flats on the stroller. We use it a lot.
-I ironed 7 items of clothing in two shifts with a different baby on the floor each time while the other was napping or in the Johnny Jump Up

(Sitting up all on her own! She's playing with the little stuffed bear that one of the nurses gave Aksil when he was in the NICU)

-I got stopped 11 times in Wal-Mart today
-I can change a diaper in seconds. Don't blink.
-When I rock Aksil at night and he reaches up to play with my hair and necklace, my heart melts.

(This little man was helping me fold laundry today. He thought mommy was pretty crazy for sticking a pair of shorts on his head!)

-Holding a 21 pound baby while pushing a cart full of groceries, another baby, a diaper bag, and two carseats? No problem!
-When my babies are in their stroller and about to get rained on after clean diapers and jammies, I can run really fast.

(Looks like someone woke up from their nap in a good mood!)

-My sweet Avery likes to sleep with her little arms and legs tucked under her and her tiny butt up in the air. Probably the cutest thing ever.
-I never, and I mean never, eat an entire meal without stopping for something baby related.
-I can get one baby out of the carseat and hold them while I take the second baby out, grab the diaper bag, unlock the front door, and go inside.

(Ax thought riding in the laundry basket was great fun!)

-I often wonder how I could have ever felt busy before kids.
-Every night as I watch my sleeping babies in their cribs I pray, "Lord thank you for every single moment with them. I don't take it for granted."
-I love that my kids favorite person in the world is their Daddy. You should just see them light up when he comes home!!
-I love that I have wonderful family (on both sides) who have paved the way for us and support us no matter what.
-Oh and did I mention, I love being a mommy! So grateful to God for out two blessings!

The twins helped me out with dishes today and as usual I snapped way too many pictures!

"Brother told me this was great fun! He was right!"


"Hey Mom, I'll wash this one."

"Maybe I can turn the water off with my mouth...."

"I want to help!!"

I was kind of surprised they both fit!!

"Mommy, we love chores!"

"Hey sis, can I have a turn?"

Baby girl was wanting another turn to help with dishes! I love it when she crawls over and pulls up on my legs....sweet little baby hands!

But the absolute best part of the day?? Daddy time!!! (and yes! Today is Mark's birthday but because of his crazy work schedule we are celebrating tomorrow. Happy birthday Mark!)

"Mommy look! We are playing with Daddy!"

Tickle time! "No Dad, no! Don't eat me!"

"Ahhhhh!!! DAD!!!"

Pure delight in these little guys faces when Daddy is around.

"Thanks for sharing your apple with us Dad."

Mmmmmmm....yummy treat.

And the day ended with a quick walk outside before bed...they were sleepy babies at the end!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Great friends, great food, great day!

Overall I was pleased with the new schedule we tried today! The kids were a little extra fussy, but I think they'll do better and better as I continue to keep with my routine. Seems like any time I try something a little different they aren't too thrilled about it.

CrossFit was great this morning! We ran a 5k and after we were done I realized it has been just shy of a year since I've run a 5k! And I'm not talking about an official race, I'm just talking about distance. I haven't run that distance in almost a year - wow. Sobering thought! I had to stop running super early in my pregnancy because my belly grew so fast and I felt so much stretching/pulling when I ran. Since delivery I've run several times but only about 2 miles at a time. And it's taken me a long time (and a lot of chiro appointments) to feel good enough to run. But that 5k today sure did feel good! (in an exhausting, out of breath sort of way, haha) My time was 28:24 so I was happy that I was under 30min! yay! And the babies did awesome and just hung out. I love that our gym has childcare!

The twins love their Johnny Jump Up (especially when I hang it in the front door where they can see cars drive by!) Yay for mild, cool Albuquerque weather (nights are low 70s and afternoons are only mid 90s with no humidity!) and not having to pay for a/c! I put Avery in the Jump Up today and she was fussy until I brought Aksil over. Sweet girl missed her brother!

"Sis, how'd you grow so much hair? You think I could do that?"

Ok, so watching them play just cracks Mark and I up! Avery will have a toy, Aksil will take it, Avery will take it back, Aksil will take it....and back and forth they go! And Aksil will talk the whole time "da da da ah ah da da da bla bla da da." Mark and I just watch them and laugh!

Right: Mark calls that Avery's power stance, haha! 

My friend Liz gave the babies sunglasses and they love them! Except when I put them on they just aren't so sure what to do. I'd think they'd grab at them, but instead their eyes just get really wide and they look around like "heeeeyyyy." haha!

Mark's 28th birthday is tomorrow so we got to Skype with his family before he left for his hospital shift! Mom Driggers invited everyone over and they had some of Mark's favorite foods :) I think my favorite part was when Mark blew out his candles. They held up the cake to Skype and he blew and someone else on the other end blew them out - haha!! It was great. Aksil thinks Skype is so awesome.

The twins loved getting to see cousin Samson and were super impressed that he can walk! 

So tonight the twins and I had a dinner date at Tiffany's house! Tiffany's husband Chris is in the same training as Mark and they live just around the corner from us. It seriously takes me less than 2min to drive to their house! And no, I didn't bring my kids over in just diapers (although I wouldn't say never! haha) I was taking off their clothes and putting jammies on to give me a head start when I got home. Avery is totally in love with Miss Tiffany!

Crawling on brother! She wants that cool toy!

So many great new toys!

Left: both boys are just totally into their own thing! haha

Tiffany made a super yummy dinner of pasta with this topping of chicken sausage, tomatoes, chickpeas, onions, garlic....and I can't remember what else or remember what it's called, but it was delicious! She's an amazing cook!

I love this picture! So much going on :) Chris and Tiffany have an 18 month old son named Grey and he was so great around the twins! He let them play with his toys no problem and was super calm. I was way impressed. Tiffany is such a great mom!

I cannot even begin to describe how nice it is to know another mom who is going through the same stuff as me. She knows what it's like to have a tough schedule because her husband is doing the same training! I feel like the times we get together we never have enough time to fit in all we want to talk about! Thanks for having us over tonight, Tiffany! I'm blessed to know you!

Pretty blue eyes that she got from her Daddy :) 

When we got back it was quick diaper changes and off to bed! Earlier in the day Avery was crawling around in the bathroom, while I blow dried my hair, and she rolled over bonking her head really hard on the floor. Most of our house is carpet so she's not used to hard floors, poor girl. So she now has her first official goose egg! Before brother even! 

"Hey Mommy, can I take a picture!?" I was trying to get a picture of it (definitely a big happening to be documented!) and was having a hard time getting one.

Yup, there it is....little bruise on my sweet baby's head. I'm sure there are many more to come!

Bring on tomorrow!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Helper

One of the tough things about Mom Driggers flying back to TX is that I have to figure out my routine and get back in my groove so to speak. The twins are in the middle of an adjustment phase since I'm starting solids and trying to drop one or two nursing times. Today I was able to sit down and sketch out a shaky plan. Naps often throw me off too since I workout and run errands (which throws them off) and Aksil doesn't require as much sleep as Avery so he's up earlier or goes down later, etc. Ah yes, the crazy things you have to figure out when dealing with multiples!

My little helper! Aksil woke up from his afternoon nap before Avery, so he helped me out with the dirty dishes!

So yesterday was rough (as you can read! haha) and because I went lots of places nothing got done at the house! I was gonna try to make up for it today and get back on track, but Aksil had a rough night so I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped.

"Hey look Mommy! It's my reflection!"

I think the little guy is teething and it seems to be taking him longer than it did Avery. She had a few bad days and boom - two teeth! Aksil has had several rough nights over the past two weeks so who knows. (thinking part of it may be adjusting to solids as well) The twins have been sleeping through the night since 14 weeks old so I'm pretty beat when I have a night like the early days! They normally go to bed between 7:30 and 8, I still do a dream feed around 10, then they don't get up til 7am. Well, last night little man was up at 9:45, 12, 3:40, 5:20, and 6:30 - yikes! 

"Don't worry Mommy! I've got this under control."

I was exhausted this morning but was able to get some things done as the day wore on. I'm ready to get in a routine and get things accomplished! I got so much done while Mom Driggers was here, it was great! I'll have to post some pictures from her time here :)

Left: Ax likes to suck on the sink - good thing that part was clean and didn't have any nasty food on it! haha Right: "I think you missed some silverware!" 

So yes, tomorrow is planned out, new schedule to try, CrossFit to go to, things to get done....gonna be a great day! And we are hoping for a great night! 

Someone figured out how to turn off the water! I just love that they are getting to the age where they can be apart of what I'm doing more and "help out." Lots of happy days ahead.