"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New House Photos!

So I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our new house. These are taken before we had moved in or touched anything! So here you go :)

This is the garage that was closed in because when the Trail Ridge neighborhood was first being started this home was the show home. Why the french doors that don't open and the weird/small garage door, I don't know! It's all going to go! We will eventually turn this back into a garage.

Another view of the "garage" and the laundry room (that pantry on the right is awesome. Love it!)


Kitchen view #2

Dining room - this is the view from the laundry room doorway. The fireplace is on the living room side also. The whole house is 10ft ceilings which makes it feel so open! The door on the left goes into the master bedroom.

A second view of the dining room

Dining room fireplace

Master bedroom with a raised ceiling. There is a door to the right that leads out onto the back porch.

Master closet - nice and big!

Master bathroom - yes, the wallpaper is hideous. And no, the toilet does not go there. There is a little room on the left where it is suppose to be. They were in the middle of tiling this room. All the tile is laid, there is just no grout. And we don't like the color anyway, so it will all be coming up!

Master bathroom - there is a second sink to the right. The master closet is also to the right.

View #3 of master bathroom. Formal dining room (right by the front door)

Living room. Kitchen and dining are to the left, formal dining is right behind me, front door is to the right.

Living room #2

Formal dining room, front door.

Back bedroom (all three bedrooms have a raised or vaulted ceiling)

Hallway (love the bookshelves and linen cabinets!). Front bedroom.

Front bedroom view #2

Guest bathroom (there is also a door that connects this bathroom to the front bedroom)

Outdoor patio that has electricity run out to it. We love this!

Back of the house

Fence and barn will both eventually go.

Driveway that goes along the side of the house.

Front of the house!

Another view!

So that's it! Our new home :) There is a lot of work and remodeling to do, but we are excited about learning how to do things and making it our own. We feel very blessed and are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to get this home (and for a good deal too!) Now back to pulling off wallpaper.... ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Last Few Days

This week has been full and fabulous! Friday I helped some with painting at Josh and Kelsie's new house (my brother and sis-in-law). It is such a cute home! Perfect for them. Friday night I got together with my Quito girls (14 women from McKinney Bible Church went on a missions trip to Quito, Ecuador last July) I LOVE THEM! We stayed up late talking, watching a movie, and eating of course.

All of us together! Thanks for the photo Dianne!

Saturday morning I was back over at Josh & Kelsie's house to do some more painting. Then Saturday afternoon Mom Driggers and I went and picked up Callie (Mom's girl she mentors) and Mahaley (the 9yo I mentor) to go play some putt putt golf at Mountasia! Thanks Aubrey for the coupons!

Mahaley left, Callie right

The cave!

Mahaley, myself, and Callie. I didn't get the pink memo!

Mahaley, Callie, and Mom

Sunday afternoon a little before 3pm, Josh and Kelsie brought over my two adorable nieces so that we could have a play date and they could have a date night. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!

Rebekah went down for nap time right away so Abigail and I decided to paint our nails. She is a girly girl and when Josh & Kelsie pulled up to drop the girls off the first words out of Abby's mouth were, "Are you going to paint my nails?!?" We sat in the entryway with the door open so we could watch the rain.

Abigail painting my nails PINK of course! (her favorite color) Bekah woke up from her nap. Here the little cutie is trying on big sister Abby's shoes. What an adorable smile!!

I pulled out all of my old Felicity doll clothes and furniture. Abby had such a fun time changing the "baby's" outfits :)

Are these two pictures not hilarious?! Rebekah is sitting in one of the doll chairs looking at the classical music that was playing on the TV. She loved those chairs and carted them around everywhere! Abigail wanted to try on some of my make-up. Here she is holding the doll, wearing the dolls skirt, and putting on blush! Did I say how much I love these girls??

Dinner time! When I asked what they wanted Abby said, "Pancakes and salad fruit!" So that is what we had! Plus some scrambled eggs :) We make a not so quick run to Albertsons to get fruit and eggs. It takes a lot of work to get two girls in and out of the car, especially since when we came out of the store it was raining! I just told them we would have so much fun getting wet, and we ran to the car! haha Here is Bekah "having a picnic on the floor" since I don't have a high chair. Because we are remodeling everything, our bedroom furniture isn't up yet, hence the mirror in the dining room.

The girls did so well. They are very well behaved and I just loved getting to watch them. Think we need to do it again soon!

Sunday night we had planned a girls night at the Driggers house. Dad Driggers, David, Mark, Adam, and Noah are all gone hunting in Kansas City so we decided to party! We talked, watched the movie UP, slept in the next morning, talked some more by the fire, and had Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Yummy!

Monday I did several things around the house. Laundry, dishes, picked up, unpacked a few more boxes, took down the rest of the old, nasty curtains in the house, and started pulling down wallpaper!

Taking down old curtains in the formal dining room....I'm wearing a mask because of all the dust on them, ugh!

Taking down more curtains in the master bedroom. We've gotten a few paint samples to try and find what color of blue we want.

Tearing down wallpaper in the master bedroom. Lola, hello! Camera is the other way! That one strip looks tiny, but it was so time consuming. I had to rip off the top layer, spray the under layer with water/Dawn soap (you can see the wet part right above me) and then peel that off. Plus, first they had put the wall paper up, then painted the trim on top and bottom. So I had to scrape the paint to make sure it was all straight for when I painted it (hard to really explain)....And it doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist!

After finished the master I started on the bathroom....wow, that's a big project! I worked until 7, jumped in the shower, then headed over for girls night #2 at the Driggers! We watched some birth videos (laughed our heads off at one CRAZY one!), watched home movies, and stayed up until midnight. It was fabulous :) Today has just been full of running errands and doing small projects. I was also able to spend some time organizing my schedule and planning for the upcoming weeks and holidays. I love planning stuff like that out, now to just DO it!

Well, it's time for bed. I've had so much to be grateful for this week, and each and every day. Lord I'm amazed by You!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Moving Day!

October 31st was our moving day...easy to remember when we look back and think, "how long have we been here?" haha. Some of my family came to help (Mom, Jennifer, Jonathan) and some of Mark's family (Adam, Noah, Mom D) It was awesome to have their help and we got everything moved over in 5hrs! Seeing as how the garage wasn't packed up at all yet, I was quite impressed with that time.

We are so glad Jonathan came to help! He was there bright and early and was our only other guy for the first few hours. (Adam was sick and Noah had class)

Mom using the dolly Grandma let us borrow. Thanks Grandma! Adam unloading my parents big van. You can fit so much stuff in that van!

Loading up the lawn trailer. So nice to not have to rent a U-Haul.

Our almost empty old house :)

Unloading the kitchen at the new place! Mom Driggers came after her jail ministry she does and unloaded almost everything into my kitchen by herself. So nice to have done!

Taking a quick break. Love my mom and sister!

More kitchen

Unloading all our mattresses. Adam is taking safety precautions and wearing my bike helmet ;)

Scrubbing the kitchen floor one night Mark was working. It took me 40 minutes!!

Until we get the master bed and bath remodeled we are staying in the guest bedroom and bathroom. The owners before us were in the middle of a tile job, so there was still carpet around the toilet. So nasty! That was one of the first things to go!

This morning Mark fixed our washer. He is awesome figuring out all that stuff so we don't have to hire someone. I'm so excited to be finally washing clothes for the first time in over a week! Speaking of, I have so much to accomplish today....so much cleaning to do. I'd better get started and stop typing. More pix later! Think the next post I'll do some of the new house.