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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four Year Anniversary!

August 18th, 2011 Mark and I celebrated four years of marriage. And man have we ever squeezed a whole lot into four years! And yes, it's a little cliche, but I'm married to my absolute best friend. I love our life together, as crazy as it is!

Thursday morning Mark had off so we all (Mark's mom was here!) headed out to hike. Mark found some awesome Kelty hiking backpacks for the kids on craigslist so we wanted to try them out. Six hundred dollars worth for both and we only paid $110. I love craigslist!

Aksil looks pretty excited about hiking!

"Wow sis, look at your hat. It's neon!"

Ready to head out!

Beautiful view!

Left: Here's Avery when we first put her in the backpack....she wasn't quite sure what to think! Right: We left right after their 7am feeding so that put us hiking right during nap time!

So very tired!

Not far into our hike, catching a picture of the view!

A cool little "cave" we came across. Mark said is was a homeless persons house, hahah. He's probably right! ;)

Left: taking a little break near the top and getting rocks out of our shoes! Right: "Uh, Dad? Mom? Hello? What are we suppose to do now...."

Left: So glad I have the lighter baby! Right: awwwww.... ;)

Left: Mom navigating some of the trails. Right: Trying to make it down some rocks...it's pretty tough hiking with a baby on your back!

Left: We didn't quite make it to the top of a larger mountain where the view would have been good because the trail went more in between the mountains and with the kids we couldn't just take off on some random rock climb :) Anyway, so after hiking about an hour and a half, we headed back down. Right: Mark of course was way awesome at going wherever he needed! Even with a baby on his back!

Aksil thinks hiking with Dad is the best! Although he wasn't too excited about the hat we put on him :)

Left: Due to a bumpy morning nap and a couple hours of hiking, baby girl is a little zoned.... Right: Cool view!

His face here reminds me of my Dad! Sure do love this little guy!

Left: Mark's backpack had a platypus and Aksil thought the tubing was fun to suck on. Right: Crazy tongue!!

Headed back to the car. We hiked 2 1/2 hours!

Yes, we live in the desert in case you wondered.

Mark would run a little ways then stop and Aksil would start laughing! So cute!

After getting back to the car, I fed one baby while Mark changed the diaper of the other kiddo and then we switched. It worked out well! We were then able to go eat some fabulous pizza at Saggio's just off Central. Some of the best pizza we've ever had! Great post hiking food too :) Then it was back home for naps and showers before Mark and I went out that evening.

Quick family picture before we headed out!

For our anniversary date we went to Outback Steakhouse (so yummy!) and we even had time to grab a cup of coffee at a place on Central! Mom was amazing and watched the kids for us while we were out...she even had them bathed and dressed in jammies when we returned! 

Story time with Grandmommy!

But we got to do even more! Mark called and set up for us to have a couples massage at the Sandia Resort and Casino close by. So on Sunday we left at 12:30 and were gone for 5 1/2 hours....the longest I've ever been away from the twins! I haven't had a massage since the twins were born and it was amazing. We even got to wear those awesome robes and slippers they give you....ahhh....After the massage we headed out to the pool area where we hung out reading, got a few drinks, some food, and dipped in the pool a few times. Such a great anniversary! Thanks Mark for planning such a wonderful day. Love you always! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grandmommy's Visit (part two)

Continuing my posts about Mom Driggers coming to visit! AND we are hoping she can come back this month - yay! And my Mom is probably gonna come in September to help me pack and drive back to TX. So grateful for my moms!

Trying out the babies new swings! Mark had a morning/afternoon off so we just hung out as a family!

Left: Aksil is trying to get a toy waaaaaay down at the bottom of the toy box! Right: We let the kids try out their swimming pool for the first time! Here is Aksil with water dripping off his nose after he stuck his forehead in the water! (see photo below)

Aksil dipping his forehead into the water - so funny!

We put just enough water in so they could splash around.

Avery just crawls around, sucks her thumb, and tries to climb out, but Aksil just like to splash....and splash....and splash! 

All wet from brother splashing her!

"I think if I just do this I can escape...."

"Look at me!"

Almost...and no, we didn't help her at all. I love her little cellulite baby butt :)


Aksil decided to just take it easy....ahhh, the life of a baby....

Left: Just hanging out in the pool. Right: Avery tasting a handful of dirt.

Time to dry off!

I absolutely love this picture! Wrinkly little baby feet!

Happy summer days! Thanks to Grandmommy, and all of her wonderful help, we now have a fun back yard for the twins! 

Mom brought a few gifts from family back home, so we did a little birthday celebration for Mark a few days early! Aksil really wants some of Daddy's chicken and rice.

Mom made some amazingly yummy and moist tres leches cake - one of Mark's absolute favorite desserts! She even made an "M" on top out of blueberries for Mark!

Aksil thought the tissue paper was awesome. Mark got a nice shirt from David and Leah, a Dallas Mavs Champion shirt and protein shaker bottle from Mom and Dad Steele, a CrossFit jump rope from Faith, and.....

....an awesome USAF blanket that his mom made! I love Aksil's face - he is way impressed.

That night Mark had a hospital shift, so Mom took the babies on a walk so I could get some organizing in the garage done. But it started to rain, yes rain! So they came back early. It was pouring!!

The babies liked watching from the garage. 

Stay tuned for part three!