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Monday, June 27, 2011

Four (and a half) Month Photos!

The end of May I headed to Texas to visit our families. Faith (Mark's sister) flew up to help me pack and drive back - yay! So here are some four month pictures that she helped me take.

It's not easy getting two babies to look at the camera!

"Hey Mommy, can we go play now!"

Not a great angle, but I wanted to get a few full length shots and Avery has the cutest little giggly smile!

Aksil is trying to chew on Avery's hand while Avery has some awesome drool going on!

"Super woman!!!"

"Uh sis...."

"Brother! I think I see monsters!"

"Yup, sure sis...I'll kill them with my stare."

Avery's expressions always make me laugh!!

So out of the 58 pictures we took, this is the only one that is decent and where they are both looking! Yeah, not easy getting pictures of two! Happy four months sweet babies!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photo Shoot! (4 months old)

Ok, so remember Liz Bartlow came for a few days? Well, she offered to take pictures of me and the twins! SO NICE! She was like, "Hey if you want you and the twins can dress up and we can do a photo shoot! I know you get lots of pictures of them but you probably don't have many pictures of YOU and them!" Yup, she was right on! So here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot we did. The kids are just a couple days past four months old in these pictures.

My two wonderful blessings!

Love the blue, blue New Mexico sky!

Here are a few shots of me and my Little Man. 

I think Aksil is looking at the mountains and contemplating life, haha. He's my serious, calm guy, but he also LOVES to talk! He'll just go on and on making the loudest baby noises! Love it.

I love you Aksil Alexander!

And here are a few of me and my baby girl!

It is SUCH fun to have a little girl. She wiggly, wild, and into everything! Definitely has a lot of spunk.

Kisses for my Itty Bitty. She got her Daddy's blue eyes *smile*

I think I'm a *little* more excited than they are! 

And that's it! Happy four months babies! And THANK YOU to Liz for taking these photos! So special to have :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Randoms Photos From May

Almost every day we take pictures of the twins....seems like there is always something new they are doing or something funny that we want to capture. So here ya go - a random collection of pictures from the month of May!

My two bright-eyed happy babies in their jammies! 

"Good morning, Mommy!" I love these little smiling, laughing kiddos!

"Hey Mom, come watch this movie! It's awesome!"

Left: Avery intently watching something...probably a Mavs game :) Right: We went in to get the babies one morning only to find Avery had rolled over! I figured she was close to it so we had slowly started to wean the babies off their swaddles (which is the reason why they are both "swaddled" with their arms out! We started with one arm out then both...)

Avery started to suck her thumb more (which I guess some parents don't like but since she self soothes way better now, I'm all for it!) Here she is snuggled up next to Daddy on the bean bag holding her little blanket bunny.

His official nickname is Chunker and you can see why! (looks like I was overdue on clipping his fingernails too! oops...) So grateful to have such a big healthy boy!

So I went through and organized all the kids clothes - I packed up the 0-3 months sizes! Wow! I can't believe it! Are my twins really that big already? Big enough that I have to pack up entire stacks of clothes that don't fit them? Reminds me to enjoy EVERY moment with them. 

Mark and Aksil having some man time. I love this picture. He's the best Dad ever.

"Huh? You talking to me?" Mark had propped Aksil up on the nursing pillow I use for the twins and he looked so cute! haha

So Wal-Mart has this full length mirrors for $5! The kids love it and I needed one anyway. And yes, Avery is still in her pjs and a LOT of the pictures are with them in the pjs or only a diaper....this mama is trying but some days getting them dressed just doesn't happen!

"Brother! Look at all those toys up there!"

Here is Avery in Aksil's bouncy seat....she was just beginning how to reach out with both hands and grab toys - so cute!

Left: For awhile Avery was completely fascinated by the little duck toy. It has bells inside that jingle and she loved it! Right: Mark bringing the babies down for their 7am feed before he heads out!

Aksil's eyes are starting to get darker!

The way Mark has his hand behind Avery's ears makes her look like a little elf! hehe - cute girly. See that box sitting by our front door? Those are the kids diapers that came in the mail - thank you Amazon! We go through 75-85 diapers a week so having them arrive on our doorstep is awesome!

And that's it for the random May photos! Bye everyone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mother's Day and Liz Bartlow's Visit!

This year was my first ever Mother's Day! (well, last year I was preggo but didn't know it yet) Anyway, to make it even better a friend of mine was able to come visit that weekend! Liz Bartlow had some work at the hospital in Roswell so she flew into Albuquerque, stayed with us a couple days, drove down for work, drove back, stayed one more night, then flew back home. It was FABULOUS to have a friend here to hang out with, take walks with, and talk to! I was literally hoarse for days because we talked so much *smile*

Liz, you're an awesome friend! Thanks for encouraging me and sharing all that God is doing in your life! Love ya girl. Come back ANY time!

Cute giggles

As you can see, Avery loved having a new friend around the house!

"And see how I can suck on my fist now....yeah, I'm pretty grown up."

Right: Hanging out on the floor and playing with the babies. She was AWESOME with them! They LOVED her! Right: Liz reading Aksil a story. He absolutely loves reading books! 

For some reason (I forget why! Probably just messing around) Mark put Ax in the carseat and propped Avery up to watch. So cute! They just kinda stared at each other like "hey, who are you?"

Liz snapped a Mother's Day family photo for us! (I forgot to get one that morning when we were all dressed up for church, so this is before Mark and I went out on our date that night.)

Yay for awesome friends! Liz babysat the kiddos for us while Mark and I went out for a Mother's Day date - yeah how awesome is that?!? What a treat! We went to Bravo! and had a yummy Italian meal on the patio and talked (perfect, cool Albuquerque weather too) One of my favorite dates ever. Mark also got me a really sweet Mother's Day card. He always encourages me and supports me as I strive to do my best in raising twins! He's a rocking awesome husband and father (more on that when I get my Father's Day post up!)

Thanks again, Liz, for making my Mother's Day extra special and for helping out so much with the kiddos and for watching them TWICE so we could go on dates! You blessed us so much in the days you were here!