"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break with the Watts!

The weekend before spring break (March 11th-14th) our awesome friends Josh and Aubrey Watt and their 10 month old son Elijah came for a visit. We hadn't seen them since June of last year so it was one of the best weekends ever! 

We first met Josh and Aub at our church in Fort Worth, McKinney Bible, when all four of us were going to the church's young married couples class. Another couple in the class took Josh, Aubrey, Mark, and me out for kind of a "welcome to the group" coffee. That's pretty much how it all got started :) We have so many great memories with them!! Camping trip, dinner dates, coffee dates, grilling by the pool...When the Watts moved back to Pheonix AZ last June and Mark headed off to Basic Training it was a little rough for me! So when they said they could come visit over Spring Break (now that we are in NM and closer) we were THRILLED! Ahhh!!! Nothing like great friends :D

They arrived at our house Friday night and we all stayed up late talking.

Left: Saturday morning! (I think I was still in bed! haha...I was still having issues with them sleeping through the night and they were exceptionally cranky Friday night!)

Right: After an awesome breakfast (thanks to Josh) we headed out for a walk around base. Aubrey pushing the kids around for me so they wouldn't wake up.

Playing at one of the parks on base. I couldn't get over how hilarious it was that we were all taking a walk and going to the park with our kids! Love it though! Kids change a lot huh? :)

Man time

Saturday night we wanted to go out to dinner at Sandiago's restaurant. Here's all the kiddos loaded up in the Sequoia!

Eating out on the patio - yummy food and an awesome view!

This pictures is a little fuzzy but I love it :) Mark is calming Avery down - she was being a little cranky.

We made it in time for the beautiful sunset!

All of us at dinner! (Aksil is asleep in his carseat behind us) We got so many weird looks from people...especially when we were leaving. Four adults, a 10 month old, twin 2 month olds, two carseats, and two diaper bags! haha 

Sunday morning we all went to church at Mars Hill. We love hearing Driscoll preach every week! This was only our second week to take the twins to church and that last Sunday was pretty rough, so this time we had a better game plan. First I scheduled their feeding so they wouldn't need a bottle in church. Things lined up just right so that when we arrived at church it was time for the twins nap. So we took them out of their carseats, swaddled them, put them back in, and put a blanket over their carseats to make it dark. Worked like a charm! They slept almost the entire time! And the last couple Sundays they HAVE slept the entire time - yay!

It was so cute to see Elijah and the twins interact!! 

Saturday night the guys grilled and Aubrey cut up and cooked all the veggies for fajitas! (didn't get any pix - bummer) They were so yummy! Aub cleaned up the entire kitchen afterwards and wouldn't let me help a bit - sooo nice. I just sat at the table, drank tea (that she got for me), and we talked :)

Oh yeah! And Charlie came! The twins liked watching him walk by - and Charlie is great around kids! 

Avery wearing her super cute shirt from Aunt Jenny! 

On Monday Mark went back to school and Josh, Aubrey, Elijah, and Charlie headed back home to Pheonix. Wow - what an awesome weekend we had with them though! It was great talking to Aubrey about how to schedule the twins. Since Elijah is just 8 months older than the twins, she had so many super good tips and advice for me! Not only was it fun to have the company, but Aubrey made me some snacks for the coming week, they went grocery shopping for us, cooked breakfast every morning, and even picked up and vacuumed the house before they left! They are definitely the kind of friends that just make it super fun, relaxing, comfortable....I wasn't stressed out about having company over - they are more like family! 

Thanks for driving to see us! Can't wait til we get to see y'all again! Love you guys!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some random shots

After Faith left (March 7th) we had a few days before some good friends of our came to visit over the spring break weekend. So here are some shots from those few days and a little glimpse into our every day life :)

The twins "helping" me out one morning while I was making breakfast. What great helpers, huh?! I just love spending my days with these little ones!

Waking up from nap time! 

Right: Aksil - "Mom you can't be serious? You're gonna come flash that light in my face after I JUST woke up?" Avery - "How about a profile shot? Do I look good?"

Left: "Ah yes! FREEDOM!" (notice Little Man's belly!)

One of the days Mark was home I was walking through the living room and saw Aksil hanging out where daddy had put him - in the extra large bean bag! haha! Complete with a couple blankets to keep him warm.

Look how red his hair is in these pictures! It look super red one day, then pretty blonde the next...no clue what it will end up being!

Our Little Man acting all grown up :)

They both love licking/chewing their tummy time pillows! haha

The picture on the right is one of Avery's many looks! Cracks me up! One of her nicknames is Miss Who from Whoville :D (thanks for that one daddy!)

Getting some rocking time with daddy before bed....they love spending time with daddy!! Although in that first picture, Avery doesn't look too excited about bedtime! 

That's all for now!

Last day...

So I know I'm super behind on posting photos - a month I think! Yeah well, I'm a mama to twins, what can I say? :D Here are some pix from the day Faith left. We miss her so much! She was such great help and I loved having the daily company too....

Here are the babies in the super cute outfits Aunt Faith got them - 6 month size! They fit them super well for only being 2 months old!

Looks like Miss Avery is really into that book! haha

"Oh yeah! Take our picture mommy!"

Snuggle time with daddy is always the best :)

Well, those are the last of my pictures from Aunt Faith's visit. Hope you come back soon, Faith! We sure do love you!