"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big News!

Consistency is not my strong point...as you may have well guessed :) But the other night I hopped on blogger and loved reading back to earlier days and my thoughts, feelings, life with the kids. So I wanted to write a quick update of our latest news.

Driggers Baby #3 is on the way!!

We are absolutely thrilled that God has chosen to bless us a third time! I had my first sonogram at 10 weeks and there is indeed just one baby in there! I'm due March 22nd, 2013 and am so excited about this whole new experience...so much changes when you deliver just ONE baby :) I feel like a giddy first time mommy just thinking about it! 

Trying to get the kids to smile I said, "Say baby!" Avery goes "Bebe!" and stands up to clap! Love that little ball of energy!

Morning sickness has been ok overall and I'm so very grateful! The nausea and vomiting hasn't been as bad as it was with the twins, but the exhaustion was unreal. I remember with the twins I would sleep 8-10 hours at night and then nap 2-4 hours during the day if I wasn't working at the hospital. I was hoping the exhaustion wouldn't be as great with just one baby. Well, it is! haha Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are moving and I'm chasing twin toddlers around....there were days I could barely keep my eyes open and I would crash on the couch (despite my best intentions to clean or work out) for the kids entire 3hr nap. But here we are the week of moving and my nausea and exhaustion is almost gone! God sure does plan stuff great, huh?

We talk about the baby in mommy's tummy and occasionally they give my belly kisses or say "Niiiiccce...." and pat it. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do when my belly is huge and they want to sit on my lap. I'm thinking story time will have to be moved to the couch instead of the rocking chair!

And in case you wondered, trying to get twin toddlers, 5 balloons, and a picture frame to all stay put while I snap photos is no easy task!

"Brother look! Bugs!"

"Hi Mommy!"

Good 'ol Albuquerque wind!

"Hey Mom! Bad wind, bad lighting, and a green balloon just popped....can we be done now?"

So yes, on to the wonderful new adventures God has planned for this little undeserving family! We couldn't be happier! AND in another 4 weeks we get to find out if a little boy or girl is joining us! So exciting :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Photos!

We finally did it - we got our first ever professional family photos! I'd been wanting to do it for awhile, but with our crazy, ever changing military/parents to twins life it didn't happen until just a few days before the twins turned 8 months. We found out we were coming to Texas for a visit so I started trying to line up a photo shoot quick! Mark was only going to be in town for a little over a week.

When I contacted Jess Gilbert (recommended to me by Callie Shepherd - check out her site!) she was already booked through December! But when I told her my situation and that I was looking for a photographer who could shoot in the next few days, she said she'd fit us in. I know, sooo nice!

She did an amazing job and I was so pleased with the moments she captured! I will treasure these pictures forever. When you check out her blog, if you could just go to the bottom of the post (the one on her blog, not mine) and please comment! If I get a total of 15 comments (showing that people have visited her blog) then I get a free 8x10!

Enjoy the photos!

Family Photos - Such Is Life Photography

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alone....Yet Not Alone

Yes, it's 1:33am and I'm awake. Missing Mark horribly and coping through journaling, blogging, and listening to music. These songs bring back so many memories, and here I am, listening to them yet again. Apart yet again. I remember it being early on in my pregnancy when Mark was going through Basic Training and our main form of communication were letters. I lived for the weekly phone call and a chance to hear his voice. I was able to write him almost every day, but they kept him so busy that he could only get a letter or two in the mail a week which he would write by flashlight after lights were out.

I'd try and get out early morning when it was still cool, since it was July/August. Or sometimes in the evening after work. Walk out my front door, pop in the headphones, and for a little bit I could jog off, pray off, cry off some of the loneliness. I remember crying a lot on those jogs, which later turned to walks as my belly grew bigger.

When I'm feeling all alone,
with so far to go.....
Oh God, will you come close

Every night I'd go to bed in an empty house. Just me. And our sweet, growing babies inside me. I dealt with a lot of fear during that time. Being alone and pregnant in such a huge, empty house was hard for me. Yet, I learned some great lessons that I know will help me later on when I face one of my biggest fears.

All those weeks of being apart from Mark while he was in training seemed so far away once I moved to Albuquerque. He was home almost every day. Even when he had crazy night shifts at the hospital and 48 hour fire station shifts, I still saw him, still hugged him, kissed him. Eight months of being together spoiled me and those seven months of being apart are all too raw and fresh in my mind now. Here I am, barely three weeks in and I can't stand to think of how many more weeks we have ahead.

You lift me up, Holy One, Holy One
When I but come, You're enough, You're enough....
To You I run

Of course God is faithful as always. There are days when I'm not sure how I'm so strong, surprised at times I haven't broken down or lost it. The grace of God. Such a beautiful thing. He is the only reason I'm ever strong at all. He chose me for this and He'll never leave me through it. I'm so privileged to be His child, to be the wife of Mark Driggers, to have our precious twins, to be with family who loves and supports me. He's called me to this and He'll walk me through it.

Another wave of doubt, will it pull you under?
When you take that first step into the unknown
You know that He won't let you go...

So when I'm walking in Wal-Mart and all the sudden I feel the tears, or I'm asked to pray and I break down, or I lie in bed alone and cry into the pillow, or I can't sleep because there is a part of me that is cold and empty....that is when I'm reminded yet again that I'm not doing this alone. No matter what, I'm never alone.

So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I'm never alone...

All together, right before Mark left (September 11th, 2011)

*Light Up the Sky - The Afters
*Holy One - Rush of Fools
*Walk on the Water - Britt Nicole
*Never Alone - Barlow Girl

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mark Passed Paramedic National Registry!

Yesterday Mark took his Paramedic National Registry test, which is really hard, and he passed! First try! So proud of him! He's crazy, awesome smart and we are both so grateful for how God has blessed Mark's efforts throughout this entire process. We were hoping he'd pass and we could go to Texas to visit family since he has a couple weeks before Airborne. I originally wasn't going to come to Texas until end of September, but about three weeks ago we started planning on Mark and I both coming beginning of September since he had a break! This past Monday they bumped his test up to Thursday instead of Friday, so I was in super overdrive to get everything accomplished that I needed to. Packing up yourself and two small kids for two months is no easy task!

Waking up happy after nap time! Yay!

The day we left. Aksil is excited about going to TX!

We didn't know for sure that we could go until noon yesterday, but I was definitely cleaning and packing in preparation. There were lists in abundance! The last few days count down list, packing lists, projects to accomplish lists....phew! So when Mark checked online and found out that he passed we got so excited! Texas bound!

After the kids last feeding at 7:30pm, we loaded up the car and pulled out of our driveway at 8:01pm on the money. I was super excited that we had packed up all four of us and left on time. I'm documenting this because I'm not sure it will ever happen again! haha

Left: And they're off! In two completely different directions of course. I was so glad that Mark was home before noon and could watch them while I packed up! Right: Aksil loves the door stoppers! And this one isn't even the springy kind!

Checking out the little Pararescue bear the Billings gave us. She loves this bear!

"Mommy, what's a camera?"

Mark started off driving because I was exhausted from packing and cleaning all day and figured I could sleep well right off and take the second shift. Well, I tossed and turned and got only a few winks of sleep from 8:30-11:30....And my legs were sooo tired and achy, ugh. I couldn't get comfortable! So when we stopped for gas and to feed kiddos at 11:30 I told Mark that if he wanted me to drive I could because I wasn't getting any sleep!

The babies new DVD players! And they are watching......Baby Einstein! After 15min or so they both fell asleep. But when they got a little cranky later on, these came in handy again!

So I took over at 11:30am Albuquerque time, 12:30am Texas time. A Starbucks double shop espresso energy drink and some Twizzlers was a little more bang than I expected! I was wide awake until we arrived at Mark's parents house at 7:00am! Drove 6 1/2 hours with no stops and I wasn't sleepy at all! I think caffeine really affects me.....haha

So much stuff!

Mark's Dad made us a gourmet breakfast! We were so hungry! One of the best breakfasts I've ever had.

Left: Avery and Nana! My mom met us at the Driggers. Lynette (Mark's Mom) is out of town, but will get back early Sunday. Right: Yeah!! Uncle Adam!

So yes, we've arrived and are so very grateful for a safe, easy, and uneventful trip! Now for a fun and busy week ahead!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four Year Anniversary!

August 18th, 2011 Mark and I celebrated four years of marriage. And man have we ever squeezed a whole lot into four years! And yes, it's a little cliche, but I'm married to my absolute best friend. I love our life together, as crazy as it is!

Thursday morning Mark had off so we all (Mark's mom was here!) headed out to hike. Mark found some awesome Kelty hiking backpacks for the kids on craigslist so we wanted to try them out. Six hundred dollars worth for both and we only paid $110. I love craigslist!

Aksil looks pretty excited about hiking!

"Wow sis, look at your hat. It's neon!"

Ready to head out!

Beautiful view!

Left: Here's Avery when we first put her in the backpack....she wasn't quite sure what to think! Right: We left right after their 7am feeding so that put us hiking right during nap time!

So very tired!

Not far into our hike, catching a picture of the view!

A cool little "cave" we came across. Mark said is was a homeless persons house, hahah. He's probably right! ;)

Left: taking a little break near the top and getting rocks out of our shoes! Right: "Uh, Dad? Mom? Hello? What are we suppose to do now...."

Left: So glad I have the lighter baby! Right: awwwww.... ;)

Left: Mom navigating some of the trails. Right: Trying to make it down some rocks...it's pretty tough hiking with a baby on your back!

Left: We didn't quite make it to the top of a larger mountain where the view would have been good because the trail went more in between the mountains and with the kids we couldn't just take off on some random rock climb :) Anyway, so after hiking about an hour and a half, we headed back down. Right: Mark of course was way awesome at going wherever he needed! Even with a baby on his back!

Aksil thinks hiking with Dad is the best! Although he wasn't too excited about the hat we put on him :)

Left: Due to a bumpy morning nap and a couple hours of hiking, baby girl is a little zoned.... Right: Cool view!

His face here reminds me of my Dad! Sure do love this little guy!

Left: Mark's backpack had a platypus and Aksil thought the tubing was fun to suck on. Right: Crazy tongue!!

Headed back to the car. We hiked 2 1/2 hours!

Yes, we live in the desert in case you wondered.

Mark would run a little ways then stop and Aksil would start laughing! So cute!

After getting back to the car, I fed one baby while Mark changed the diaper of the other kiddo and then we switched. It worked out well! We were then able to go eat some fabulous pizza at Saggio's just off Central. Some of the best pizza we've ever had! Great post hiking food too :) Then it was back home for naps and showers before Mark and I went out that evening.

Quick family picture before we headed out!

For our anniversary date we went to Outback Steakhouse (so yummy!) and we even had time to grab a cup of coffee at a place on Central! Mom was amazing and watched the kids for us while we were out...she even had them bathed and dressed in jammies when we returned! 

Story time with Grandmommy!

But we got to do even more! Mark called and set up for us to have a couples massage at the Sandia Resort and Casino close by. So on Sunday we left at 12:30 and were gone for 5 1/2 hours....the longest I've ever been away from the twins! I haven't had a massage since the twins were born and it was amazing. We even got to wear those awesome robes and slippers they give you....ahhh....After the massage we headed out to the pool area where we hung out reading, got a few drinks, some food, and dipped in the pool a few times. Such a great anniversary! Thanks Mark for planning such a wonderful day. Love you always!