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Friday, September 2, 2011

Mark Passed Paramedic National Registry!

Yesterday Mark took his Paramedic National Registry test, which is really hard, and he passed! First try! So proud of him! He's crazy, awesome smart and we are both so grateful for how God has blessed Mark's efforts throughout this entire process. We were hoping he'd pass and we could go to Texas to visit family since he has a couple weeks before Airborne. I originally wasn't going to come to Texas until end of September, but about three weeks ago we started planning on Mark and I both coming beginning of September since he had a break! This past Monday they bumped his test up to Thursday instead of Friday, so I was in super overdrive to get everything accomplished that I needed to. Packing up yourself and two small kids for two months is no easy task!

Waking up happy after nap time! Yay!

The day we left. Aksil is excited about going to TX!

We didn't know for sure that we could go until noon yesterday, but I was definitely cleaning and packing in preparation. There were lists in abundance! The last few days count down list, packing lists, projects to accomplish lists....phew! So when Mark checked online and found out that he passed we got so excited! Texas bound!

After the kids last feeding at 7:30pm, we loaded up the car and pulled out of our driveway at 8:01pm on the money. I was super excited that we had packed up all four of us and left on time. I'm documenting this because I'm not sure it will ever happen again! haha

Left: And they're off! In two completely different directions of course. I was so glad that Mark was home before noon and could watch them while I packed up! Right: Aksil loves the door stoppers! And this one isn't even the springy kind!

Checking out the little Pararescue bear the Billings gave us. She loves this bear!

"Mommy, what's a camera?"

Mark started off driving because I was exhausted from packing and cleaning all day and figured I could sleep well right off and take the second shift. Well, I tossed and turned and got only a few winks of sleep from 8:30-11:30....And my legs were sooo tired and achy, ugh. I couldn't get comfortable! So when we stopped for gas and to feed kiddos at 11:30 I told Mark that if he wanted me to drive I could because I wasn't getting any sleep!

The babies new DVD players! And they are watching......Baby Einstein! After 15min or so they both fell asleep. But when they got a little cranky later on, these came in handy again!

So I took over at 11:30am Albuquerque time, 12:30am Texas time. A Starbucks double shop espresso energy drink and some Twizzlers was a little more bang than I expected! I was wide awake until we arrived at Mark's parents house at 7:00am! Drove 6 1/2 hours with no stops and I wasn't sleepy at all! I think caffeine really affects me.....haha

So much stuff!

Mark's Dad made us a gourmet breakfast! We were so hungry! One of the best breakfasts I've ever had.

Left: Avery and Nana! My mom met us at the Driggers. Lynette (Mark's Mom) is out of town, but will get back early Sunday. Right: Yeah!! Uncle Adam!

So yes, we've arrived and are so very grateful for a safe, easy, and uneventful trip! Now for a fun and busy week ahead!

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Michelle said...

Yay for Mark passing his test!!! Great job Mark!!!! The twins are adorable in the crib pictures! You're amazing to have packed up everything and to have left on time! I am quite impressed. :-) I know your two families are so excited to see ya'll and the babies! I'm sure Aksil and Avery will get non-stop attention the whole time you are there! :-) Have a blast!