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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big News!

Consistency is not my strong point...as you may have well guessed :) But the other night I hopped on blogger and loved reading back to earlier days and my thoughts, feelings, life with the kids. So I wanted to write a quick update of our latest news.

Driggers Baby #3 is on the way!!

We are absolutely thrilled that God has chosen to bless us a third time! I had my first sonogram at 10 weeks and there is indeed just one baby in there! I'm due March 22nd, 2013 and am so excited about this whole new experience...so much changes when you deliver just ONE baby :) I feel like a giddy first time mommy just thinking about it! 

Trying to get the kids to smile I said, "Say baby!" Avery goes "Bebe!" and stands up to clap! Love that little ball of energy!

Morning sickness has been ok overall and I'm so very grateful! The nausea and vomiting hasn't been as bad as it was with the twins, but the exhaustion was unreal. I remember with the twins I would sleep 8-10 hours at night and then nap 2-4 hours during the day if I wasn't working at the hospital. I was hoping the exhaustion wouldn't be as great with just one baby. Well, it is! haha Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are moving and I'm chasing twin toddlers around....there were days I could barely keep my eyes open and I would crash on the couch (despite my best intentions to clean or work out) for the kids entire 3hr nap. But here we are the week of moving and my nausea and exhaustion is almost gone! God sure does plan stuff great, huh?

We talk about the baby in mommy's tummy and occasionally they give my belly kisses or say "Niiiiccce...." and pat it. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do when my belly is huge and they want to sit on my lap. I'm thinking story time will have to be moved to the couch instead of the rocking chair!

And in case you wondered, trying to get twin toddlers, 5 balloons, and a picture frame to all stay put while I snap photos is no easy task!

"Brother look! Bugs!"

"Hi Mommy!"

Good 'ol Albuquerque wind!

"Hey Mom! Bad wind, bad lighting, and a green balloon just popped....can we be done now?"

So yes, on to the wonderful new adventures God has planned for this little undeserving family! We couldn't be happier! AND in another 4 weeks we get to find out if a little boy or girl is joining us! So exciting :)


Anonymous said...

Your alive then! lol Congratulations! Please keep posting! Miss it



Jane said...

Is the baby a boy or a girl?

Praying for you!


Jessica said...

Katelyn, haha yes! I'm terrible at posting... :(

Jane, we are having a boy! So excited!

lisa ann said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my that was quick.. can it be that your due date is this week?
Im assuming you have not had your baby yet.

Hope everything runs smoothly
Praying and please update if you can!


Anonymous said...

Please update before your newborn turns 1 :P